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The Mann Deshi Foundation

The Mann Deshi Foundation serves as the NGO arm of Mann Deshi Mahila Group. Established in 1996, the Foundation works injunction with the Mann Deshi Bank by providing a variety of non-financial services to their clients aimed at improving the quality of life for rural women and their families in India.

Mann Deshi Foundation Programs

Mann Deshi Cattle Camp has saves 15,000 animals from going to butcher.  Cattle camp has started in an effort to support local livestock owners in the Mann Taluka of Satara district. In the year 2012, the Mann Taluka is experiencing one of the worst droughts ever.  Cattle camp is sponsored and run by the Mann Deshi Foundation. Since April 21, 2012 Mann Deshi has hosted farmers, their families and their livestock from over 52 neighboring villages and has provided them with water for their families and their livestock.

Mann Deshi Udyogini (Business School for Rural Women) provides women with no formal education or who have dropped out school the essential financial and business tools needed to successfully start or expand their own businesses

Mobile Business School is a custom-built bus used by Mann Deshi Udyogini to reach women in the remotest areas

Financial Literacy is a core course offered through Mann Deshi Udyogini, which imparts training on loan repayment the importance of savings, pension & insurance. 

Mann Deshi Udyojika Program (Deshi MBA Program) aims to create business role models of 10,000 promising rural women entrepreneurs by providing them with a mentor and business management training through Mann Deshi Udyogini to help them achieve significant business growth

Community Radio initiative builds local capacity and empowers women to improve their lives and those of their families through creative programming

Mann Deshi Champions provides sport training to poor children, providing the opportunity to broaden their skills both physically and socially. As a health program is also included, the children benefit from increased health as well.

Women’s Property Rights projects have been administered by Mann Deshi Foundation through a combination of government lobbying and activism.

Farming Programs offered through Self-Help Groups provide women in the agricultural sector veterinary services, access to animal feed, and entrepreneurial training for raising animals and improving management of dairies. 

Freedom Ride: To Keep Girls in School program provides bicycles to rural girls through interest-free loans, making it possible for them to attend school 

Umbrella Program distributes umbrellas though interest-free loans to street vendors to protect against sun exposure.














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