Anjana Bhise

Forty-two year old Anjana Bhise is from Nimbhore village in Phaltan taluka. Married off when she was still a young girl to a daily wage labourer, Anjana remained unemployed and illiterate. The family struggled a great deal financially.

A kind relative offered to teach Anjana how to make brooms and she slowly started making brooms and selling them at local markets. While things remained a struggle she did manage to save Rs. 100 of the Rs. 500 she earned every month. Impressed by her hard work, her local savings group decided to loan her Rs. 25,000 to buy the necessary raw materials and scale up her business. Her income jumped to Rs. 4000 a month.

When one of her neighbours introduced Anjana to Mann Deshi Foundation, she signed up the one-year Deshi MBA programme. She says it was then that she finally understood what her revenues and profits actually were. She quickly adopted new business practices, bought a broom making machine and scaled up her operations to sell at different weekly markets and villages. With her profits, she now has a post office savings scheme and pays for her children’s education.

Her business has grown considerably and she is keen to keep exploring new marketing avenues.