We listen to our entrepreneurs, who live and work around us, so our impact is constantly expanding.

Kerabai Khandekar asked for lessons in using a cell phone; we started a business school to teach her how.

Sujata Mane needed to brand her new noodle and chili products; we crafted an MBA program to meet her needs.

Since 2006 alone, we have added our Community Radio Station (2008), Business School, Chamber of Commerce, and entrepreneur helpline.

Over 110,000 women and girls have taken classes in our business school and our community radio station reaches 34,000 people every year.

Read our annual report and balance sheets for more details.


  • Reducing the Gap

    our report on micro-enterprise and the Mann Deshi family

    The stories of five entrepreneurs highlight the challenges of micro-enterprise and how Mann Deshi helps.

  • Annual Report 2011

    our annual report on our growth

    This report is a good overview of both the Bank and Foundation programs.

  • Annual Report 2008

    our annual report on our programs

    This report provides information on many of our educational and community-oriented projects.

  • Annual Report 2007

    our annual report on our growth

    This concise report highlights developments in our programs and impact.

  • Annual Report 2006

    our annual report

    This report encompasses case studies, new programs, ongoing programs, and impact assessments.

  • Annual Report 2005

    our annual report

    This report is a good overview of why Mann Deshi is unique.

  • Grant Received for the period - April 2016 to June 2016

  • Grant Received for the period - April 2015 to March 2016

  • Balance Sheet 2015-2016

  • Balance Sheet 2014-2015

  • Balance Sheet 2013-2014

  • Balance Sheet 2012-2013

  • Balance Sheet 2011-2012

  • Balance Sheet 2010-2011

  • Balance Sheet 2009-2010

  • Balance Sheet 2008-2009

  • Balance Sheet 2007-2008

  • Chetna Sinha's Story

    an article on the founding of Mann Deshi

    Chetna Sinha moved from Mumbai to Mhaswad, for love and social activism.

  • Beyond Cooperation: Gender, Activism, and Self-Help

    a case study on our history and management challenges

    Mann Deshi has faced unique challenges as a bank with a different focus, located far from urban centers.

  • The Women of Mann Deshi

    inspiring stories from successful deshi entrepreneurs

    Five women whose success has given them independence and hope for their children.

  • Chetna Sinha

    an article on our founder

    This Marathi article tells Chetna's story and explains how she began the bank.

  • Educating Girls in Rural Maharashtra

    an article by our founder and a Yale University student

    After families sacrifice to send their daughters to school, government programs do little to help.

  • Pensions for Pennies

    a case study on our pension scheme

    With sons and daughters moving away, women can only rely on themselves in old age. This report details the thinking behind our pension policies.

  • To Scale Or Not to Scale

    an article on our plans to expand

    Our past success helps us plan how to expand, while balancing our mission and resource costs.

  • Cash Credit Product for Micro-Entrepreneurs

    a case study by GIZ

    GIZ analyzes Mann Deshi's cash credit product and its effectiveness among its unique clientele.

  • The Game Changers

    a personal article on Mann Deshi Bank

    Ajit Kumar from RBI observes how our bank and business school work, on the ground.

  • Connectivity

    a case study by ICRW and the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women

    Four organizations demonstrate how information technology can catalyze women's entrepreneurship.

  • Women's Bank: The Way Forward

    a study of women's banks by NIBM

    A team from Pune studies India's three major banks for women, to advise the government on its new national Women's Bank.

  • Women's Bank Promoting Financial Inclusion of Rural Poor

    a case study of Mann Deshi Bank, June 2011

    Written by S. Thyagarajan from the Reserve Bank of India, this report describes our unique focus and products.

  • HSBC India Case Study

    HSBC's study of our business school

    This study details the rationale, objectives, implementation, and result of our business school.