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The Mann Deshi Champions programme began in 2011, supporting rural children to excel in sports. Although rural children are active, they are rarely given adequate sports training to participate in organized sports. They gain these abilities by herding sheep and buffaloes, cutting sugarcane, or working at construction sites. Due to the lack of sporting opportunities in school, most kids never realize their full athletic potential.

The Mann Deshi Champions programme identifies prospective outstanding athletes and nurtures and supports their physical, mental, and social development. The programme provides sports facilities for the young athletes to practice in and excel. Young girls and boys are empowered and trained to compete at the state and national level.

Facilities offered by the Mann Deshi Champions Programme:

  • 400 metre running track
  • Sports field for volleyball, field hocket, soccer and handball
  • Sporting equipment for major sports
  • A dedicated, trained coach
  • Shoes and kits
  • Nutritiously balanced breakfast for morning practices
  • Annual medical camps
  • Winter camps with specialized trainers from Mumbai and Pune
  • Leadership development opportunities
  • At present, the program supports around 80 athletes.

Champions Mission

TO PROVIDE underprivileged children from rural Maharashtra with full access to sporting facilities and sports programmes that promote social development, physical fitness, and life skills training in a fun and safe environment.

Mann Deshi Champions would like to empower young girls and boys from rural India to become Olympians.

Goals (2017-2020)

  • 25% increase in girls participation in wrestling and track & field events
  • Have 500 participants competing at the national level
  • Have 10 athletes selected to participate in the 2020 Olympics
  • Build an indoor cross-fit training gym for 200 athletes
  • Provide all athletes with necessary shoes and sporting equipment
  • Facilitate two national level training camps at Mann Deshi’s Champions facility each year