Sarita Bhise

Sarita studied in a government school in Dhuldev village 5 km away from her home. Daily she would walk or run this distance to to reach school on time. All her teachers recognized her strength and encouraged her to participate in sports. At the same time, she started training at the Mann Deshi Champions programme and participated in state level Kabaddi and Kho Kho matches. Soon Sarita started focusing on competing in 400m and 800m events and ended up winning several races.Sarita’s family own sheep and regularly travel back and forth to the Latur area in search of glasslands. Once, when her family was in some financial trouble she had to drop out for a year to help out with their herd. Sarita took this opportunity to practice, running around the herd along boulders and through farms.

Sarita attended the Balewadi National School of Sports, running the selection race barefoot in the hot sun. At Balewadi, she joined the field hockey team of the National School of Sports and played at the national level eleven times as the goalkeeper. Sarita’s dream is to be a part of the Indian national field hockey team and make her country proud. Now, she has achieved that dream and is captain of the national field hockey team.