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Small Steps to a Brighter Future

Learn how an innovative loan product is supporting women micro entrepreneurs in rural Maharashtra grow their businesses

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Wheels Of Change

Discover how Financial and Digital Literacy Buses are empowering rural women in Maharashtra to unleash the power of technology for their businesses...

Digital Literacy

Vanita Pise

Vanita Pise married into a well-to-do family but watched her world crumble as her husband's business failed. She took the reins and tried many avenues to keep her home together. Today her business and her income have grown.

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Laxmi Shellar

Laxmi’s story is unique with her involvement in SHGs, training, advising, and leading others. The women of Mann Deshi have become her family, and she gets up at dawn everyday to work hard on their behalf.

Women's Bank

Nandini Lohar

Nandini was forced to choose between repaying her loan and buying the additional raw materials. She learnt of Mann Deshi Bank and obtained a temporary loan repayment waiver allowing her to capitalize on her infrastructure.

Women's Bank

Vanita Tangade

After the loss of her husband, she was the only support to her daughters. Mann Deshi Foundation found out about her tragic conditions and helped her out with loans to support her tea stall.

Women's Bank

Tamanna Attar

After heavy financial and personal losses in Tamanna's life, she turned to Mann Deshi Foundation where she was alloted the ‘weekly market cash credit loan’ which she used to transform her business

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Sugrabi Ajji Mulani

With no formal education or technical training, Sugrabi worked as a daily wage labourer which gave her hardly enough income to make ends meets. She got help from the Mann Deshi Bank and expanded her grocery and poultry business.

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Savita Yadav

Savita began as a field hand, before she took out a loan of 50 lakhs from the Mann Deshi Bank. With the loan, she purchased the land for her business and runs the large farm and proud of its growing success.

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