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In 2006, Mann Deshi Foundation set up the Business School. Today, it has 7 centres and 3 mobile schools that are able to teach financial literacy skills in the most remote of villages. The schools provide courses on everything from financial literacy to marketing, along with more specialized vocational training. In 2014, the Business School began offering an MBA programme for seasoned entrepreneurs.

The MBA programme is an intensive one-year course and mentorship programme that assists female entrepreneurs with expansion of their businesses.

Who do we work with?

  • Based on a random sample survey of 8000 beneficiaries we found that:
  • 50% of the women have a monthly income of less than Rs.5000
  • 40% have a monthly income between Rs. 5000 – 10,000
  • 10% have a monthly income of more than Rs. 10,000


  • Nearly 63,000 women from 953 villages attended programming
  • 74% of women who enrolled in business development courses started a new business or expanded their existing business
  • Average increase in individual annual income was Rs.13,200 after taking business development courses
  • Of the women who took the Mann Deshi MBA course, the average increase in annual income was Rs. 20,760
  • 44% of beneficiaries increased their assets (i.e. goats, cows, gold, or machinery)
  • 12% of beneficiaries took out loans from the Mann Deshi Bank to begin or expand their business

Breaking the Glass Ceiling: Training Mann Taluka’s First Female Goat Doctors

One of the Business School’s most successful ventures is the Goat Farming and Insemination Program organized in partnership with the Nimbkar Agricultural Research Institute (NARI). Through this program, an initial cohort of seven women were trained to vaccinate and artificially inseminate goats, and to become experts on goat farming. Entering a traditionally male dominated field, they are breaking gender stereotypes, empowering both themselves and the thousands of marginal female farmers in the region.

Since starting their work in 2014, Mann Deshi’s ‘Goat Doctors’ have covered over 50 villages, treated 6000 goats, and artificially inseminated over 3000 goats, adding more than 3 crores of income to female farmers in the area. Following the success of the initial cohort, we extended our program to another seven women who completed their training in June 2017, with a goal of training upto 40 female Goat Doctors in Mann Taluka.