Seema Angad Gavli

Seema Angad Gavli

This is Seema Gawali. Coming from a very poor family, she was never able to finish her education. She was married off at a young and moved to Satara with her husband.

While her husband’s income was hardly enough to make ends meet, Seema was desperate to do something that would help her family. Having no formal training in business, she wasn’t confident about starting her own business but she was determined to persevere anyway. She sought advice from her friends and family and decided to start her own soap and essence business. However, running the business was difficult without any help but Seema was eager to figure out ways to improve.

Seema was introduced to the Mann Deshi Business School and quickly decided to enrol in it. Here, she was able to access the training and guidance she needed to make her business a success. Her confidence grew as she learnt new and different ways to tackle the problems she faced with her business. She even gained marketing and legal skills as well as useful information on women’s rights.

After the workshop, Seema changed the way she ran her business. Seema now has the skills to keep a record of her finances though her computer. Her newfound marketing skills helped her grow her customer base, even expanding her market beyond Satara, to neighbouring towns. She has hired 6 women to work for her and has taken a loan of 4 lakhs to purchase a vehicle to reduce her transportation costs.

Seema is very proud of the income she brings into her household. After implementing Mann Deshi’s training, her income has increased by Rs. 30,000. Due to her hard work and perseverance, she is able to send her children to school. Everyone in her village now looks at her with immense pride and respect while her friends and family look at her as their role model.