Vidya Kirve

Vidya Kirve

Vidya lives with her husband and two children in Bhuinj village. While her husband worked in real estate, she looked after their farm. Times were tough for Vidya and her family as they could barely make enough to manage their daily expenses. 

Vidya decided she needed to find another source of income to lift her family out of their predicament. She decided to start her own tailoring business that she would run along side managing the farm. 

Vidya found it incredibly difficult to manage two businesses but by a lucky turn of events, was introduced to Mann Deshi Foundation. She decided to enrol in the business school to learn how to efficiently expand and manage both businesses. She has even taken out a loan from Mann Deshi 3 times that she invested into her tailoring business to buy raw materials and machines. 

Vidya now excels at handling multiple businesses at once. Along with her farm and tailoring businesses, she even takes tailoring classes out of her shop.

She says that the financial training has been incredibly beneficial to her. She learnt about the importance of regularly saving and how to multi-task and effectively deal with her finances. She also gained essential marketing skills that helped her increase her customer base. She has even been able to access a large market through networking within the Mann Deshi’s Business School. 

Vidya dreams to one day build a larger company out of her business where she can employ more women like her.