Stories Of Change

Jaywanti Devidas Bhoye

Jaywanti always dreamed big and her dreams were fulfilled after attending Mann Deshis Business Schools and learnt how to market, customer interaction, and packaging a product.

Business Schools

Sushama Chaudhary

Sushma started from a food stall to a tiffin service and now after attending the MBA programme finally started a stall that became famous in her home town.

Business Schools

Sangeeta Pawar

Sangeeta Pawar of Sinnar village in Nashik district, is a skilled artisan who creates intricately designed traditional handwoven paithani saris.

Business Schools

Rohini Garud

Rohini visiting the Mann Deshi Mahila Sahakari Bank, learned about various agri-workshops that the Foundation offered and now has become self sufficient to manage her business single-handedly.

Business Schools

Vanita Sonawane

Mann Deshi Foundation's programmes brought a turning point in Vanita's life and increased her current business allowing her to profint 10,000 on a monthly basis.

Business Schools

Sunita Khatavkar

A decade ago, when Sunita Khatavkar expressed her desire to join her family’s pottery business, after enrolling for Mann Deshi foundation session she picked up new skills for herself.

Business Schools

Mallika Shikalgar

Mallika Shikalgar used to be unsure about where her next meal would come from. Learn how now she manages an iron tools sharpening shop earning Rs. 1000/day.

Business Schools

Rupali Pavnikar

Six years ago, Rupali attended a business workshop by the Mann Deshi Foundation. Today, she has 10 sewing machines only due to her hard work and persistent effort.

Business Schools

Vanita Salunkhe

Failure and rejection can be your best teacher. This certainly holds true for Vanita Salunkhe. Encountering rejection instilled in her the burning desire to prove herself to the world.

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